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Too bad about this news … ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, located at 600 ‘Imiloa Place in Hilo, turns the volume down and is dimming the lights on the Friday night entertainment rock shows starting March 5. ‘Imiloa will end its weekly Friday night rock shows, having exhausted the current inventory of rock shows available for the planetarium.

The decision to discontinue the shows was based on the limited content of new planetarium music entertainment shows on the market.

The Friday entertainment rock shows have been popular with local audiences, attracting a different audience for the Center with shows like, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, Rock On Demand, and the last show U2.

‘Imiloa is developing other avenues for evening programming and will continue to provide the Hilo and Hawai’i Island community a fresh alternative to the East Hawai‘i night life.  Stay tuned for ‘Imiloa’s Friday night program offering.

For more information about Imiloa’s offerings throughout the day, go to, or call (808) 969-9700.

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