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After a very long hiatus from any blog posts, here is the first of many (I hope).  It’s a short photo blog about Rose Mary’s Hair Shoppe.

Located street-level of the Ohana (former Outrigger) East Hotel, 150 Kaiulani Avenue, I’ve been a customer since I worked at Outrigger Hotels in the 90’s.  Following are a few photos I took yesterday while there for an appointment.





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The Na Lima Hana (many hands working) Festival, which combines Hawaiiana (Hawaiian cultural traditions) and Malama Ola (health and wellness practices) will bring a series of interactive educational events and entertainment to the Grand Hyatt Kaua`i Resort and Spa, October 26 – 29, 2011. Many of these events are free of charge to the public. As part of the series of events (, there will be a three-day intensive workshop on how to write grants for funding from the American Native Administration, an organization devoted to Native American programs and enhancements including those for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. In addition the Hawai`i Lodging and Tourism Association Kaua`i (HLTA-Kaua`i) will host their annual conference surrounding Hawaiian culture on October 28th, providing a morning of Hawaiian cultural teaching sessions.

All of the different events throughout the Na Lima Hana Festival are organized to perpetuate Hawai`i’s cultural traditions and health practices. Hawaiian arts, native customs, cultural health practices and time-honored traditions are demonstrated in an inter-active learning environment. Participants are taught the essentials via hands-on learning experiences. Hawaiian foods, crafts and entertainment are also included in the line-up of activities. This festival is the last in a series of events grouped within the Kaua`i Aloha Festivals (

The Na Lima Hana Festival, 2011, is dedicated to the late Charles Ka`upu, Kumu Hula for Pa Hula Na Kane o Keoneloa, a male hula halau that has revived ancient hula of Kaua`i. Ka`upu, who resided on Maui, passed away in mid-July. He was a highly respected cultural expert, master chanter and kumu of hula kahiko as well as a recording artist. He was well known throughout the islands and in foreign countries for his extraordinary approach to teaching and interpreting the Native Hawaiian culture. Ka`upu became kumu to Pa Hula Na Kane o Keoneloa three years ago. The halau is comprised primarily of men who reside on Kaua`i’s south shore.

These events are sponsored, in part, by the Hawai`i Tourism Authority and Kaua`i County. For more information contact Aunty Stella Burgess, director of Hawaiian culture and community affairs at the Grand Hyatt Kaua`i Resort and Spa, 808-240-6360 or

Kaua‘i Beach Resort features award-winning local artist Helen Turner on March 3 – Honolulu Affordable Travel |