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Ohana Beach Rentals Hawaii, the official hotel operator of the Diamond Head Beach Hotel & Residences, announced today the completion of the installation of the Waikiki/Gold Coast’s only live High-Definition (HD) Surf & Sunset Camera housed rooftop of the 15-story oceanfront property.

The Diamond Head Beach Hotel & Residences, one of only a dozen properties in Waikiki that commands a prime oceanfront location, presents an unbelievable 180-degree vantage point for the HD Surf & Sunset Camera that has been pre-set with 18 top surf spots, swimming locales and coastal view planes for viewers to choose.

The live images can be viewed on a special landing page on Ohana Beach Rentals Hawaii’s website at  Use of the HD Surf & Sunset Camera and viewing of its images over the web is free to the general public.

One of the most impressive features however is the ability for the web user to take control of the HD Surf & Sunset Camera to freely pan, zoom-in and zoom-out, and change viewing points of the device. Due to the HD surf camera’s high-quality 1080p video capturing capabilities, images are crisp, colorful and quite impressive when viewed on a personal computer – especially with a high-speed internet connection. To take control of the camera, viewers are put into waiting queues. Once a user receives control, they have a two-minute time span to control the device via the on-screen control tabs. What’s cool is that an advanced zooming feature has been added to the control panel allowing a user to use their mouse pointer to draw a box around a particular object or image area to immediately zoom into a desired location on the screen. As a user waits in a queue, they can view the live video stream as it takes place.

At some nearby locales to the Diamond Head Beach Hotel & Residences, you can zoom directly into the water to see close-up and amazing surfing action, ocean events and beach activity. At other long-distance locations, you can see impressive crescent views of Waikiki Beach (as far as the Hilton Hawaiian Village) and coastal images as far as Honolulu Harbor to Ewa.

Some of the popular pre-set viewing points include:

  • Bone Yards Surf Spot
  • Castles Surf Spot
  • Old Mans Surf Spot

Public Surf Spots

  • Rice Bowls Surf Spot
  • Suicides Surf Spot
  • Tonggs Surf Spot
  • Diamond Head Ocean Vista
  • Hawaiian Sunset Coastal View
  • Waikiki Beach Close-Up
  • Waikiki Beach Wide Shot
  • Fireworks Waikiki (evening fireworks on Friday nights and special holidays)

Aside from all of the surf and ocean activity, web viewers can also see some impressive evening activities when the camera goes into its evening grayscale mode – especially on Friday nights as the Hilton Hawaiian Village presents its evening fireworks extravaganza.

For more information and to view Ohana Beach Rentals Hawaii’s HD Surf & Sunset Camera, web surfers can visit

Webcam images courtesy of Ohana Beach Rentals Hawaii